Marriage FAQ's

I want to get married. How do I get a license?

Marriage licenses can be used anywhere in the State of Oregon. The County Clerk is responsible for issuing them. There is a three-day waiting period, then the license is good for 60 days. There is a $50 fee; cash (exact change would be helpful) or money order or debit/credit cards (there is a consumer fee) are accepted - no checks are taken.  Both parties are required to come to our office.  Identification is required, either driver's license or a witness will be accepted. No blood test or physical exam is required to obtain a license.

Does the County Judge perform weddings and how much do they cost?

The County Judge performs weddings by appointment only (call 541-473-5124 between 8:30 am and 3:00 pm, to make an appointment).  When the wedding is performed at the Courthouse during regular Courthouse hours, the fee of $100 cash or money order is payable to the County Clerks office.  The District Court Judges, Justice Court Judges and Municipal Court Judges can also perform weddings.