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 May 19, 2015 Special District Director Election Information

  • May 19, 2015 Director filing information
  • Guide for Oregon School District, Education Service District & Community College, Board Candidates
  • List of Districts with open Positions
  • List of filed District candidates (as of 3/19/2015 @ FINAL)
  • Information on District Candidates (only if provided) (available after 3/19/15)  


Filing Deadline - March 19, 2015, 5 pm (Mtn Time Zone).

  • SEL 190 - District Candidate Filing Form
  • SEL 121 - Candidate Signature Sheet
  • SEL 338 - Petition Submission form

File with a $10.00 filing fee and SEL 190    *** (Option - email completed SEL 190 and credit card information form to gayle.trotter@malheurco.org)


Gather the appropriate number of signatures from within the appropriate district (contact the County Clerks' office for the required number of signatures) using form SEL 121, complete SEL 190 and SEL 338.   Submit all three forms in plenty of time before the filing deadline for the Clerks' office to verify submitted signataures.


Website posting Candidate Statement form (fillable pdf)

Request for Voter list - form (pdf)

Voter information

Last day for New Oregon voters to register to vote for the May 19, 2015, Special District Director  Election, is Tuesday, April 28, 2015.  (Post marks DO count.)      

Precinct List and location  


Democratic Party/Local Precinct Representative List (PCP) for 2014/2015

Republican Party/Local Precinct Representative List (PCP) for 2014/2015


Election Press Releases


  • Daily Ballot Return Percentages - May 19, 2015  (after 05/04)


Ballot Dropsites 

(Ballot Dropsites open 20th day before each election thru election day only)

Current Election is - May 19, 2015

Inside box  - Mon - Fri  8:30-5:00; Election Day 7:00 am - 8:00 pm Current Election is - May 19, 2015

  • Vale - County Clerk's Office, 251 B St W, Room 101

Outside box - 24/7 (until 8:00 pm Election Day) Current Election is - May 19, 2015

  • Vale - Malheur County Courthouse, corner of "B" St and Bryant St
  • Ontario - Malheur County Library, 388 SW 2nd Ave, Ontario
  • Nyssa - Nyssa City Library, 319 Main St, Nyssa
  • Jordan Valley - Yturri Blvd, County Right of Way, Across from the Post office

Sample Ballots  -   November 4, 2014 General Election

                            Notice:  See ORS - 260.695 Sample Ballot Regulations     

Warning:  The sample ballots are large files, please give them plenty of time to download.

                      (You must have the latest version of Adobe in order to open the sample ballots.)

                                    Prec = Precinct        TC = Tax Code      Precinct List 


Election Results         


        Link to Current - Statewide results (will be available at the next state/federal election) 

        Statewide results - History